About Cooper Hosiery

Cooper Hosiery Mill, Inc.  Est. 1962

Home-Owned and Home-Operated by some of the greatest people in the world… “Our Employees”

Cooper Hosiery was started by Leman Cooper and his son Mack with one knitting machine in a 12’x20’ basement and grew to a multi-million dollar business capable of doing all phases of hosiery manufacturing from knitting, dying or bleaching, boarding, pairing, folding, packaging, and ultimately shipping the packaged product all over the world with 1,200 employees producing 380,000 dozen socks per week at the current facilities.

Mack Cooper, President of the company, always points out that it is by the grace of God and the tremendous people that work at Cooper Hosiery that has made Cooper Hosiery great and strong in the hosiery industry.

Cooper Hosiery produces everyday rough and tumble socks for infants, along with name-brand products in boys and girls lines.  Also produced are basic tube socks, athletic socks, sporting socks for hunting, hiking, etc., work socks, fashion socks for women, men’s dress socks, as well as wool and wool blend socks.

Our socks are shipped to well-known major retailers all over the world.

We are proud to be located in Fort Payne, Alabama, once known as the “Sock Capital of the World” and still the greatest place in the world to live.

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Modern Capabilities

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Cooper Hosiery socks are knit using numerous Uniplet Ange 84, 96, 108, or 144 needle knitting machines as well as Lonati knitting machines. The socks are then seamed using high quality Complett seaming machines.

In preparing the greige socks after knitting and seaming Cooper Hosiery uses multiple state of the art Braun 800 lb. capacity wash/dye tubes and Braun 660 lb. capacity driers after which they are boarded, paired, folded, packaged and then shipped from our facilities.

No order is too large.  Our orders for socks are for anywhere from a few 100 dozen to well over 100,000 dozen at a time.

Whatever your needs, we can develop a quality product on spec and on time.


Remarkable Capacity

The word “capacity” doesn’t really exist at Cooper Hosiery. We’ve been able to  produce, package, and ship literally millions of socks per week. Our facility offers us incredible amounts of production and space. We have dozens of loading docks that can easily accommodate simultaneous pickups.

When considering your next order, capacity will not be a concern when you work with Cooper Hosiery. Contact us below to discuss the particular needs of your order.

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For 54 years, we’ve been located in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Cooper Hosiery Mill, Inc.
4005 Gault Avenue North
Fort Payne, AL 35967